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Sunny Harvest is a cooperative of small farms that together serve large markets. We employ a combination of traditional farming practices and contemporary efficiencies in post-harvest handling, quality control, and logistics to bring our fresh, nutrient-dense, flavorful food to market at scale. By pooling our resources, we invest in healthy soils, food safety, and supportive infrastructure to bring top quality, farm-identified produce and eggs from our central warehouse in Lancaster, PA to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, twelve months a year.


We collaborate with our partners to create customizable, year-round crop plans, and provide them with unique access to new and emerging crop varieties that are not readily available in the commodity market. We always put quality and flavor first.


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Sunny Harvest promotes the rich agricultural heritage of Lancaster, PA by keeping our farmers living and working on their land. We support one another through collective buying power, mentorship, and technical assistance while we support the health of our land by limiting carbon emissions and increasing use of regenerative agricultural practices. 


Our focus on sustainable and food-safe growing methods at wholesale-scale makes our cooperative a natural fit for high-volume, values-based partners. Together we can insulate our supply chain from the commodity market while ensuring that small farms like ours will continue to feed our families and customers for generations.


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Sunny Harvest enjoys transparent partnerships with values-driven businesses that connect eaters to local farms. Our distribution network stretches from New York City through Washington D.C. depending on our partner's needs.


Our partners include:

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Photo submitted by The Common Market


Photo submitted by The Common Market

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